Benefits of aerobic training

Aerobic training is of paramount importance and has various advantages. During this type of training our body experiences metabolic and cardiorespiratory changes.

One of the most important ones is our heart rate increase, which results in higher amounts of blood being transferred to our muscles and tissues after each contraction of our heart muscle. An additional reason for the increase of blood levels in muscles is the capillary distention as well as the increase of the plasma and blood cells volume. As a large tube needs a higher amount of liquid to function properly, the organism of each athlete needs greater plasma levels.

We shall not forget that exercise induced cardiomegaly (as a result of extensive exercise) is a characteristic of long-distance runners. More specifically, an average man has 4 litters of plasma in his blood, whereas an endurance athlete usually has more than 6. There is 20%-40% more blood circulating in an athlete’s body compared to the corresponding amount of blood in an average person.

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