Angelos Andriotis


Angelos Andriotis is the founder of International Calisthenics Academy. He is a final year student of the American College of Sports Medicine and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of fitness and sports. Apart from his experience in bodybuilding, he has participated in many seminars on several functional training methods such as straps and bosu training as well as in workshops about training specific groups of people.

He has worked in major sports centres and has organised seminars on Calisthenic Education. This training system has been developed by him and consists of several levels of training based on body weight management.

He has worked as a Personal & group fitness instructor at cardio and body weight programmes in renowned fitness centres in Athens. He has also worked as an elite personal trainer with celebrities and has competed in professional and non-professional martial arts and athletics tournaments. He holds many awards in athletics, since he has broken the 100-meter record (among males under 15 years old).

He is currently a member of the Titanas Association and he participates in several sports events as an athlete of General Gymnastics qualified by the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation. Within this framework he has won many awards. His two main interests are the development of Calisthenic Education and his academy, which has yet a lot to offer.


  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • Personal trainer / fitness at BASE training level 1 / level 2
  • First Help training & Surviving (First aid)
  • Cross Fit level 1 certified / London


  • 100-meter Panhellenic record (among males under 15 years old)
  • “Ego Star Gym contest” / Golden medal “Titanas Association”
  • “Cosmogym contest” / Silver medal “Titanas Association”
  • “3rd World Gym for Life challenge 2017” / Norway

Giorgos Votsis


Giorgos Votsis has graduated from North Academy of fitness. He has also completed his studies as a physiotherapy assistant at IEK Akmi (vocational training institute in Greece). After 15 years of experience in the field of top-class sports, he is a national champion of gymnastics and a judge as a former member of the Greek national team. He is also a qualified massage therapist.

His contact with Angelos Andriotis has led to their collaboration at International Calisthenics Academy, the first calisthenics academy in Greece.

He has worked in many different associations and renowned fitness centres as a personal & group instructor and as a motivator. He also collaborated with the Ultimate Fitness Challenge and the Mikra National gymnasium in Thessaloniki.